Residence Village: experiencing life!

And what’s more exciting that lots of wonderful Weekend breaks?
Why not make the most of the Corpus Domini and extend your holiday by a couple of days to benefit from the unmissable Special Offers we have in store for you?!

Magical fireworks displays on the seafront, high-calibre artists to enchant and surprise you, creative variety shows and cabaret, live music and DJ sets by the pool, acrobatic dance performances, street markets with many treats and imaginative hand-crafted creations…

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! Celebrate by having tons of fun together with other children. Our fantastic team of passionate entertainers have lots of ideas for the children to release their unlimited energy! Highly entertaining clown shows, talented jugglers, unmissable micro-magic performances and exhilarating mimes.
For guests who love special events, come join us under the stars by the pool, for creative journeys through time and imagination, in a world of lights, reflections and music from the past.

JULY awaits you with open arms, its blue sky and sea, and bright sun!
Fun and entertainment are the keywords: fireworks under the stars, a rich programme of exhibitions and dance performances, theatre shows, live music for dance lovers, groups or couples.

HOLIDAYS FOR ALL in August! Pure fun awaits. It’s all one big party with fireworks displays, dances, live music, DJ sets, outdoor events, guest shows and so much more to enrich your holiday memories even more.

HARVEST bears the gift of the most suggestive time of year painted by nature!
Freshly-picked grapes and wine tastings, markets laden with wide selections of delicacies and traditional food from all over Italy, spectacular poolside performances, variety shows, cabaret and group dances.

For well-being enthusiasts, we’ve put together a complete fitness programme for the summer, from dawn till dusk. Sports activities on the sand, in the pool and the arena designed and delivered by our fitness trainer. Competitions, beach volley tournaments, five-a-side football, boules and much more.

Our little guests can have fun in our indoor playgarden and spacious Theme Park on the beach with lots of colourful games. The mini e maxi clubhave tons of activities: treasure hunts, mini-tournaments, themed parties, DIY activities, etc. to satisfy the children’s relentless desire for fun and games!

Your Entertainment And Wellbeing Are Our Priorities!

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