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“Conche del Cavallino” and the “Litoranea Veneta”:the road park of “Tre Acque”.
– Route:
Cavallino – Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta – Conche del Cavallino – Cavallino – Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta.
– Description of the route:
This short route reveals the most important stages of the history of the shoreline. Along the shores of Casson Canal until the Conche del Cavallino (water dam) you can admire a fluvial landscape surrounded by vegetable gardens. Here you can see a wonderful, both natural and agricoltural, area wich is to distinguish from the beach area and its recent tourist development.

The peninsula of Cavallino-Treporti between nature, tradition and development.
– Route:
Cavallino – Ca’ Ballarin – Ca’ Savio – Punta Sabbioni – Lungomare San Felice – Via Pordelio – Cavallino.
– Description of the route:
The peninsula known for its sandy beaches and its modern campings, hides other interesting and unexpected aspects. It preserves the natural shoreline features and splendid lagoon landscapes, small villages, a flourishing horticulture and many traditionanl events.

The military fortifications of the Shoreline of Cavallino-Treporti.
– Route:
Ca’ Savio – Punta Sabbioni – Ca’ Vio – Ca’ Pasquali – Ca’ Savio
– Description of the route:
The excursion by bike let you discover the fortifications scattered in the whole shoreline, going back to the Austrian period and to the Two World Wars. Today these fortifications are surrounded by vegetable and fruit gardens. Many of them are abandoned, others are used like warehouses or converted into houses or tourist structures.

From Punta Sabbioni to Lio Piccolo: travel from the sea to the old shorelines.
Lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni – Treporti – Saccagnana – Mesole – Lio Piccolo – Northern Lagoon of Venice.
– Description of the route:
The route crosses many different landscapes with the constant presence of the element water: a sandy peninsula with sandy dunes and pinewoods. In the small villages you can taste the traditional gastronomy: a rich variety of tasty vegetables, fresh fish and good wine.

Nature trails
For nature lovers, there’s a wide variety of cycle paths allowing you to freely explore the area. You can also choose to be accompanied by a member of our entertainment staff as you cycle around, discovering the incredibly attractive lagoon landscape that surrounds our resort – a unique habitat full of colours, calm sounds and one-of-a-kind sensations. You are more than welcome to make use of the bicycles that the Residence has available for both adults and children, including child bike seats and helmets, and, brand new this summer: electric bikes!

The ‘Ancient Village’ route 23 km, 2h, tarmac, very easy
– Route:
Although this peninsula is famous for its sandy beaches and modern campsites, it actually also hides many other interesting and unexpected treasures. Indeed, this area boasts sections of natural coastline, wonderful lagoon landscapes, small villages, flourishing horticulture and many age-old traditions that are still alive today, such as the regattas and local village festivals.

Route from the sea to the ancient shores 32 km, 4h, tarmac and dirt track, easy
– Route:
The lighthouse at Punta Sabbioni – the Valleys of Venice’s North Lagoon.
This route passes through different types of surroundings, all of which are characterised by the constant presence of water: a sandy peninsula with sand dunes and a forest, winding its way between the sea and the lagoon, the canals and the lagoon valleys. In the small towns and villages along the way, it’s possible to try some local dishes: a rich variety of tasty vegetables, incredibly fresh fish and shellfish and some good wine.

The ‘Three Waterways’ route 8 km, 1h, tarmac, very easy
– Route:
This short route allows you to retrace the most important events in the coastline’s history.
Along the banks of the Casson Canal, all the way to the dam, you’ll be able to admire lagoon and river landscapes with vegetable patches dotted along the way – landscapes that have been known to the Venetians since ancient times. From here, you can cycle on to the area of coastline that has recently undergone significant tourist development.

The ‘Costal Fort’ route 18 km, 2h, tarmac, very easy
– Route:
This cycle path will allow you to discover the fortifications that are scattered along the coastline, dating back to the Austrian Empire and the two World Wars. Today, they are surrounded by vegetable gardens: many are now abandoned, but others are still used as warehouses or have since been converted into houses and tourist facilities.

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