Blue Flag

The beaches of Cavallino-Treporti have been awarded with the BLUE FLAG. This means that the water you swim in is regularly checked and the results are transferred to a report every fortnight to guarantee a healthy environment to all residents and guest. The BLUE FLAG is an initiative from the FEE – Foundation for Environmental Education, the internatiional network of no profit environmental education. It is present in over 30 countries.



– High standard of water quality
– Beach is kept clean at all times
– No discharge of industrial or sewage water
– Water test results available
– Blue Flag information readily available
– Enforcement of bans on activities that constitute a hazard for swimmers
– Efficient beach facilities
– Easy access for people with disabilities
– Positioning of life jackets and rescue craft
– Balance between beach activities and nature conservation

Blue Flag01/12/2016 18:42:53Residence Village