Your satisfaction is our aim

Residence Village is perfectly organised and can provide all the amenities and services which will enhance and live up to your holiday expectations. This is the task of our staff, from the receptionists, who can give you all the information you require, to the animators, who will manage your entertainment.

Courtesy and experience are characteristics of Residence Village and you will find:

· A supermarket and shops for your purchases
· Telephone booths and postal service
· Wifi area: For our customers we increased the bandwidth
of our Wifi network from 1 Mbit/s to 4 Mbit/s in download and upload
· A hairstylist’s
· An ice cream parlour, which also serves beverages and tasty snacks
· A pizza/restaurant where you can lunch and dine. It offers a wide selection
of delicious dishes also suited to children

Finally, your peace of mind and well being are also guaranteed by the presence of a doctor and a room for emergency treatment.

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