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Data Holder

We hereby wish to inform Users that Residence S.R.L., with headquarters in Via Altinate 62, 35121 Padua, VAT no. 04060370287, e-mail tel. +390498246401, about how we use cookies, beacons, trackers and similar tools via our website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are short text files downloaded from Users internet browsers when accessing a website.
They allow the website to know whether a given User has already accessed the website before, from which device, which pages the User visited and which pages the User landed on this website.

Cookies are not embedded in our servers, but in the User’s computer and can be removed by amending browser settings. Cookies serve various purposes.

They allow us to obtain statistics on the number of Users who access the website every day, from which third party websites the Users come from, which pages are visited and, generally speaking, they enable us to improve our performance and loading of the website. Therefore, they contribute to improving the user experience, in addition to the services we offer, adapting them to our client’s needs.

Cookies can have different functions:

  • Technical Cookies: these perform a technical function, allowing the User to interact with the website; for example, remembering login details, which makes searching and using the website quicker, and remembering previous accesses;
  • Analytical Cookies: these allow the website to collect information in an aggregated form pertaining to the number of users, on how these visit the website, from which web pages they have come, to which websites they go, in order to elaborate general and anonymous statistics on the service and its use. These Cookies can be combined with Technical Cookies where the data is gathered in an aggregated and anonymous way;
  • Profiling Cookies: these allow to create user profile and are connected to the consumption trends and preferences expressed during navigation.

There are also different types of Cookies, depending on who shares them, that is to day First Party Cookies (when we are the direct managers) and Third Party Cookies (when the cookies are sent and gathered by a Third party, an autonomous data holder). On our website, we also use Third Party Cookies in order to provide certain specific analysis services for the functioning of the website.

Which Cookies do we use?

In order to better improve the navigation experience and to assess the correct functioning of the website, we use Technical and Analytical Cookies. To date, we do not use Profiling Cookies suitable for creating the consumption profiles of our Users, but we reserve the right to use them and notify the User of this right in this policy.

More specifically, we use the following Cookies:






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1 hour

Used by Facebook to provide a series of advertising products, such as real-time offers by third-party advertisers.



1 hour

Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests.



1 hour

It registers a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.



1 hour

It registers a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.



1 hour

It stores the acceptance of the cookie banner on behalf of users.



1 hour

It preserves the user statuses on the different pages of the website.



1 hour


Furthermore, the above-mentioned Cookies, even Third Party Cookies, are solely used in an aggregated form, in a way that makes them anonymous and impedes them from identifying the User.

In any case, it is important to point out that, in the case of Third Party Cookies, we are not fully responsible for the data collected, as it is gathered and processed by a different Data Holder. We invite you to check the Privacy Policy indicated in the link on the margin of the table in order to identify the Data Holder and data collection methods.

In the case of Third Party Cookies, we will not be held responsible for incorrect data processing methods or methods different to those indicated in this policy.

When do I consent to data processing via Cookies?

Data processing via Cookies is consented to on behalf of the User when the User enters the website, sees the simplified version of the report, and decides to continue navigating on that page, interacting with the pages of the website and performing any action other than closing the homepage or any other page of the website, or performing what is described in the following point “How do I not consent to the use of Cookies”.

How do I not consent to the use of Cookies?

There are different ways to block the use of Cookies and each User can choose to not consent to their use, denying consent and deleting the data which has already been collected.
Most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept Cookies. Users can also disable them through the settings. Here are the links to the pages for enabling or disabling Cookies for the most frequently-used web browsers:

You can also block the use of Cookies by accessing a website anonymously; anonymous access is possible via most web browsers.

Furthermore, to block Cookies in a selective way, we suggest the following tools:

  • Ghostery: It is a browser plug-in which allows you to select which Cookies to use on each website, allowing Users to selectively disable them;
  • Your Online Choices: A website which allows you to disable behavioural advertising;
  • Tool for removing Google Analytics: Browser plug-in which allows you to disable Google Analytics;

Consequences of disabling Cookies

Although the User reserves the right to fully disable the Cookies, this could lead to malfunctions and/or errors in the functioning of the website, preventing said website from carrying out the necessary technical functions.

Additional Third Party Cookies

We reserve the right to use additional Third Party Cookies connected to services provided on behalf of third parties, which may be implemented in the website. Specifically, we reserve the right to use the following services:

If these services are used, we will not in any case be responsible for the data processing carried out by these third parties, which we use solely to share content on our website and not for the purpose of data collection. The data collection activity is performed by an independent Holder indicated in the report and/or in any case, directly linked to the service used.

In the event of other sharing and/or content-embedding tools used by our website or by the User, we invite you to check the Privacy Policy connected to shared contents or sharing services.

Website Privacy Policy and Industry Regulation

In relation to everything indicated herein, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy, in addition to EU 2016/679.

Third Party Websites

Third Party websites, which it is possible to access via our website, are not covered by this policy; consequently, we will not be held responsible for any processing they may carry out.

Rights of the User

Every User and/or person interested in the processing can exercise the rights set forth in art. 13 of Regulation 2016/679 at any time, and can specifically:

  • revoke his/her consent to the personal data processing, if the data processing is based on the consent provided by the User;
  • find out whether the Holder holds and/or is treating his/her data, access it in full and obtain a copy (art. 15 Right to Access);
  • ask that incorrect data be amended or incomplete data be integrated (Art. 16 Right to Rectification);
  • ask for the personal data kept by the Holder be erased if one of the reasons set forth in Reg. 2016/679 applies (Right to Cancellation, 17);
  • ask the Holder to limit the processing to specific data, in the cases foreseen (Art. 18 Right to limitation of the Processing);
  • ask and receive the personal data processed by the Holder in a structured way, a descriptive manner, readable on an automatic device or ask for the data to be sent to another holder, in the cases foreseen (Art. 20, Right to Data Portability)
  • not consent, in part or in whole, to the data processing for the purpose of sending commercial and/or promotional material, or any potential profiling activities (Art. 21, Right to Not Consent)

Furthermore, the interested party reserves the right to file a complaint to the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in accordance with Art. 77 of Regulation 2016/679.

Contact Information

In order to exercise the rights pursuant to Articles 15-22 of EU Regulation 2016/679, Users can contact the Holder here:


Tel: +390498246401