Venezia Palazzo Ducale
Padova Prato
Verona Opera
Venezia Canal Grande

The landscape

The landscape of Cavallino-Treporti is unique. Discover the beauty of this land between the lagoon and the sea, from the river Sile to Punta Sabbioni.

You can visit the rests of many military fortifications dating back to the two world wars or admire places where nature has remained untouched like Lio Piccolo or Treporti.

By bike you can reach very easily also the smallest village thanks to the special cycle paths.

Venezia, the dream

This magic town can be visited a thousand times and every time it shows a different aspect. The canals, the little venetian streets, the palaces, everything is mysterious and for this reason fascinating.

The Lagoon and the islands

Murano, Burano and Torcello are among the most known islands of the lagoon. In these islands you can find history together with local handicraft of particular quality. Don’t miss an excursion to the islands!


Padova and the Basilica of St. Anthony is famous in the whole world. In this town lived Giotto and painted the Scrovegni Chapel, here you can see the second oldest university of Italy and many historical palaces like Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo della Specola and the Galileo Galilei Observatory. This town which is older than Rome is an excursion worth.


Asolo, this little town is situated about 90 km from Cavallino. Here you can find an ancient castle and many good restaurants where you can taste the local dishes and a very good wine.


Verona, is about 140 km distance from Cavallino and it’s a town rich of history and which has many wonderful palaces and monuments. In the Arena every summer takes place a famous Opera festival.

Vicenza, Treviso, Riviera del Brenta

Vicenza, is the town of Palladio Treviso is a nice little town, the Riviera del Brenta is famous for its beautiful old villas.